Price List for the Survey of International Air Travelers Data/Reports
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2014 Reports/Data 2014 Price for each report/file
Item Description
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Non-Resident Inbound1 National Reports  
   2014 Annual Report, in print (All 4 banners) $1,580
   2014 Annual Report, in Excel (includes print) $4,050
      Banner 1: All Overseas Travelers (Excel reports) $1,230
      Banner 2: European Visitors (Excel reports) $1,230
      Banner 3: Asia/Pacific/Middle East Visitors (Excel reports) $1,230
      Banner 4: Latin America & African Visitors (Excel reports) $1,230
      Quarter only 2014 $450
      2nd, 3rd, 4th quarter/2014 year-to-date $890
U.S. Resident Outbound2 National Reports  
   2014 Annual Report, in print (All 4 banners) $1,580
   2014 Annual Report, in Excel (includes print) $4,050
      Banner 1: All U.S., Purpose, Frequency, Package, etc. $1,230
      Banner 2: U.S. States of Origin $1,230
      Banner 3: U.S. Cities of Origin $1,230
      Banner 4: Overseas Destination Regions $1,230
      Quarter only 2014 $450
      2nd, 3rd, 4th quarter/2014year-to-date $890
   U.S. Air Travelers outbound to Mexico (print) $1,705
      U.S. To Mexico in Excel $3,715
Country3 Reports (Annual):  
   From country, inbound to U.S., i.e. Australia to U.S.(print) $735
   Each country report in Excel $1,745
Top State and Top City Reports4 $3,965
      Top State/City Report in Excel $4,980
Country/Sector 1997-2014 Time series in Excel (New Report) $9,180

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1 Non-resident overseas travelers to the U.S. report or Excel file, which provides data on the states and cities visited by overseas travelers from eleven world regions. Up to 20 country profiles are available, along with 11 additional subsets of data on 37 different traveler characteristics, in this data report to assist you in understanding the international traveler market.

2 U.S. residents traveling overseas report or Excel file provides the top origin states and cities of residence and to selected travelers characteristics data, world regions, and a few top destinations. The four sets of 12 columns of data are subset by 40 traveler characteristics table, which provides profiles of the U.S. resident outbound traveler.

3 A Country report provides detail of travelers from the country of origin to the U.S. There are twelve cross tab banner column headings with 37 different tables relating to questions on the Survey. With this report, one can develop profiles of business, leisure, package and other subsets of the traveler to the United States from the country of origin. Reports at the price listed are available for: Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico (air only), PRC (China), South Korea and the United Kingdom. Other country reports may be developed for a price of a custom report. If interested, please contact the NTTO staff.

4 These reports provide a profile of the overseas traveler to the top U.S. states and cities visited. Included are 37 traveler characteristics in a format similar to other in-flight survey reports. Also included (and not found in the inbound national report) is an estimate for overall nights in the destination. This report is an excellent way to see what the profile of the overseas traveler is for each of the cities listed to identify possible partners, and see the overall profile of overseas travelers to the top 12 cities.