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Visitor Arrivals Program (I-94 Form)
Location: Market Analysis: Visitor Arrivals Program (I-94 Form) | 2005 Publications
2005 Publications | Current Publications

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2005 Publications Annual Price Item #
Monthly 1 Subscription $760.00 c-2005-60-001
Monthly 1 Subscription (with Excel) $1,335.00 c-2005-60a-001
Quarterly 2 Subscription $630.00 c-2005-61-001
Quarterly 2 Subscription (with Excel) $1,130.00 c-2005-61a-001
Annual 3 Issue $350.00 c-2005-62-001
Annual 3 Issue (with Excel) $620.00 c-2005-62a-001
Combined 2004 & 2005
Monthly 1 Subscription $1,115.00 c-2005-63-001
Monthly 1 Subscription (with Excel) $1,945.00 c-2005-63a-001
Quarterly 2 Subscription $925.00 c-2005-64-001
Quarterly 2 Subscription (with Excel) $1,650.00 c-2005-64a-001
Annual 3 Issue $510.00 c-2005-65-001
Annual 3 Issue (with Excel) $900.00 c-2005-65a-001
Each report contains international visitor arrival statistics by world regions and select countries (including top 20), type of visa, mode of transportation, age groups, states visited (first intended address only), and the top ports of entry for select countries.
1 Monthly subscription provides twelve monthly reports which contains the current month and year-to-date.
2 Quarterly subscription provides a series of four publications (March, June, September, December) which highlight the month and year-to-date.
3 Annual report provides one report with the December and final annual visitor arrival figures.
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