Survey of International Air Travelers Program
Survey Data and Reports

The Survey questionnaires are collected, edited and entered into the database. The data becomes available on a quarterly and/or annual basis in basically three formats:

  1. National and Country report tables,
  2. Customized data
  3. Aggregated data/information presented on the OTTI website,

National report tables

Overseas (Non-U.S. Resident) Travelers Inbound to the U.S.
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U.S. (Resident) Travelers Outbound to Overseas Countries
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Country report - offers more in-depth look at up to 12 countries Download .pdf
Q1 2012 Japan Residents to U.S.

Customized Data

Ad Hoc reports based on client requirements [U.S. to Vietnam]

Aggregate Level Reports

Based on data from the Survey tables, OTTI periodically publishes the following reports:

Estimates for U.S. states and cities visited by overseas travelers.
Profile of inbound overseas travelers to the U.S.
Market profiles of various countries originating travel to U.S.
Travel receipts (exports) - developed by BEA from Survey data

Profile of U.S. travelers to overseas destinations
Countries visited by U.S. travelers going abroad
Travel payments (imports) - also developed by BEA from survey data