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Travel Barometer Program
Respondent Access

All active respondents have free access to the Core Subscription report. The report is accessed via the same user ID and Password used to access the quarterly Barometer survey. Reports are available approximately one week after the survey closes. Respondents are notified of the report via the Barometer e-mail notification system.

Additionally respondents are notified via the Barometer system on a regular basis for the following:

  • Official monthly visitor arrivals
  • Forecast (release in May and October)
  • Other special country specific reports

Benefits to Respondents:

  • The Barometer provides respondents with a broader perspective on market demand, which can be used to measure and compare actual internal forecasts.
  • Operators can respond to one survey related to their U.S. efforts. This helps eliminate the flood of request from suppliers and representatives seeking information on sales/bookings.
  • Specific company information is NEVER reported. The results from the respondent base are aggregated.
  • The quarterly survey is conducted in both English and in the host country language.
  • Respondents receive the reports in native language.
  • Respondents receive the core results free - approximately one week after the survey closes.
  • The survey is easy to complete - only about 30 minutes per quarter.
  • Reports are accessed at any time using a unique user Id and Password.
  • The Barometer will help keep U.S. suppliers and destinations investing into your market.

To participate please apply for an account by going to the Barometer Page.