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Travel Barometer Program
Destination and Customized Subscriptions

The Barometer program can be subscribed to at any time. Subscribers purchase four consecutive reports. This provides subscribers with the ability to obtain an account at any time during the Barometer schedule.

Subscribers may add a destination and/or customized question to the Barometer survey. Normally, customized questions are finalized in English one week prior to the survey. Additionally, all customized questions have final approval from the subscriber before the scheduled survey date. All questions that have not been approved prior to the survey launch will not be collected in the immediate survey, but will be added to the next quarterly survey.

Note that subscriptions can be added at any point in the survey program, subscriptions are based on four consecutive surveys and NOT a calendar year, and that the only time a destination and/or customized question canít be added is during the actual survey collection period. In this case the questions would be added to the next survey.

To confirm deadlines for adding a destination and/or customized questions, please contact Scott Johnson by phone at 1-518-963-4126; or by e-mail at