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Germany Travel Barometer Subscription Options:
Germany Travel Barometer - Customized Subscription 2004

The Germany Travel Barometer - Customized Subscription 2004 provides companies and organizations with a means to add two customized questions to the quarterly survey for one year.

Today, constantly changing market conditions demand consistent and timely market forecasts with the ability to compare your destination to demand for the rest of the United States. The Barometer is designed to collect input from Germany tour operators working in Germany that sell and promote travel to the United States. Barometer surveys are conducted quarterly via the on-line Barometer system and report travel demand 3-6 months out. Results are developed and reported quickly using a password-protected system.

This subscription level includes the results of the Core Subscription plus the Destination Subscription (if applicable). The Customized Subscription is the tool you need to have a firm grasp of the German travel demand and changing market conditions.

In addition to the valuable information collected in the Core and Destination subscriptions, this service can help:

  • Gather quarterly input from key German tour operators in an unbiased manner.
  • Help determine if a new campaign is taking hold.
  • Help determine if a slogan or logo is recognizable or get input on which is more likable.
  • Inquire about product familiarity.
  • Ask trade if they use the destination's web site, and if so what section was helpful.
  • Ask trade if their clients use the destination's web site or printed materials.
  • Ask trade what they can do to increase traffic to their destination.

Special Notes: Questions and responses for the customized subscription are developed in conjunction with the subscriber and OTTI's Barometer manager using the on-line Barometer system. This subscription includes results reported in both the Core subscription and Destination subscription (if applicable). Additionally, the Customized Subscription includes: pre-testing the question, final approval of the question and responses, grammar and punctuation. Final approval of the questions (English and translated version) is required 48 hours prior to the launch time of the quarterly survey. The results to the question are the sole property of the subscriber. (Special Deadlines)

Note: Changes to the questions within the subscription period require an additional hourly fee, including a fee for translation (if applicable).

German Travel Barometer - Customized Subscription 2004
Item #:
Price: $4,999.00


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